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In past few months, we have achieved following:
  1. We have developed Pocket Cops application using "machine learning". The application can prevent mobile theft in developing countries and mobile loss in developed countries.

  2. We have developed Satya Pharmacy application to help customer order medicine online and get delivery within 4 hours.

  3. We have started an Online Training venture for providing online tuition, android, java, spring boot, security testing, application testing, etc. training.

  4. SatyaSys became the first IT services company in the world to adapt blockchain by releasing ITS Token, each token can be used for availing 1 minute of IT services from SatyaSys.

  5. We found critical security defect in "Ola Cabs", our name has been listed in Olacabs's hall of fame.

  6. We found remote code execution vulnerabilities in renowned cloud service provider Outscale, France. Our efforts were rewarded with bug bounty.

  1. We have developed "Medical Tests Analytics" software. The program can flag redundant tests recommended by doctors. This product will save billions of dollars for health insurance companies across the world.

  2. We found security vulnerabilities in ABN Amro Bank, Netherlands. Our efforts were appreciated by the bank's security team.

  3. We are helping companies cut cost of IT outsourcing without compromising quality. Please give us a try and help us to disrupt the IT service industry.

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